Forest walk and company barbecue at the "Tännligarten" forest playground in Sissach

Admittedly, all the online meetings, online aperitifs and other online events of the last few months were a welcome alternative in this Corona period to maintain social contact with work colleagues. However, it is something else to meet them in real life and to do something with them.

So the joy among the “laboretarians” was all the greater that we were finally able to experience something together again last Friday. We met after work in front of our office in Gelterkinden and went for a nice walk in the forest in perfect weather. The walk led from Gelterkinden through the forest to the forest playground “Tännligarten” in Sissach. Once we arrived there, we finally had time to chat with our much-missed colleagues over a cool beer and a roasted sausage.

Now we hope that we will soon be able to return to normality and that such events can be held more regularly again!