David Rockefeller River Campus named SEFA Lab of the Year™ 2020

From a series of exciting projects, the eight-person jury – which also included our Managing Director, Dario Tonelli – chose the David Rockefeller River Campus of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation as the SEFA Lab of the Year™ 2020. Rockefeller University will therefore be presented with this prestigious award at the 32nd SEFA Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale on 5 November 2020.

Laborplaner Tonelli AG congratulates you!

What does SEFA do?

The Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA) was founded in 1988 to define uniform requirements and guidelines for laboratories. It works closely together with lab owners, architects and building firms to ensure that laboratories provide a safe working environment. SEFA has already published standardised guidelines for the following specialist areas:

  • Fume hoods (SEFA 1)
  • Installations (SEFA 2)
  • Laboratory work surfaces (SEFA 3)
  • Glossary of terms (SEFA 4)
  • Scope (SEFA 5)
  • Laboratory and hospital installations (SEFA 7)
  • Laboratory casings: Metal (SEFA 8M); phenol (SEFA 8PH); Artificial laminates (SEFA 8PL); polypropylene (SEFA 8P) and; Wood (SEFA 8W)
  • Ductless hoods (SEFA 9)
  • Flexible casework systems (SEFA 10)
  • Liquid chemical storage (SEFA 11)

What does the SEFA Lab of the Year™ award mean?

The SEFA Lab of the Year™ award is a great honour that is bestowed annually to a team of experts who have created an outstanding laboratory. The prize is intended to be awarded equally to everyone involved in the project in some way. In order to win this award, a lab must meet or exceed the requirements in terms of excellence in planning, design and execution, innovation and teamwork.