Further training «safety workbenches» at the SKAN company

Last Friday, 29.10.2021, we had the pleasure of taking part in an exciting further training course on the subject of safety cabinets at the SKAN company. SKAN, founded in 1968 and employing around 1,000 people, is a leading company in the field of safety cabinets.

At the beginning of the training, we were given a technical overview of the different safety cabinet classes, as well as the current standards and guidelines. This was followed by the most exciting part for us in planning, in which we were shown what has to be considered in the choice of location and during assembly, and which technical standard connections have to be provided for safety cabinets. At the end of the training, an impressive smoke demonstration was shown and the latest innovations in the field of safety cabinets were presented.

Many thanks to the SKAN company for this exciting and informative afternoon!