Company trip 2021

On Friday, 03 September 2021, it was that time again – our annual company trip was on the agenda.

Early in the morning, more and more «laboreretarians» gathered on the train from Gelterkinden in the direction of Engelberg and the anticipation of an eventful day increased from station to station.

Arriving in Engelberg, they boarded the mountain railway in perfect weather to enjoy the fresh alpine air on the Titlis as quickly as possible. Especially the last part with the Rotair Stand, a 360° revolving gondola, offered a breathtaking view over the surrounding mountains.

Once at the top, one half went for a unique mountain tour to the Gross Titlis, while the other half tried their hand at glacier crevasse abseiling. After these impressive experiences, the laboretarians got together again to visit the impressive glacier cave. One or two of the «neo-laboretarians» tried to gain a few sympathy points by bringing «herbal juice» with them. Of course, this was even more successful than impressing children with sweets.

Afterwards, the participants had an excellent lunch to recharge their batteries for the afternoon.

Strengthened, they were given an exciting technical tour of the Titlis mountain railways and learned exciting details about the project planning and many safety aspects.

After an exciting and eventful day, the evening came to an end with a delicious dinner and a glass of wine or two before heading home again.